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Where can you find Chester Comics– or ‘graphic novels’ as I prefer to call them!

watchmen-chester-comicsFinding a source of Chester comics was an absolute priority for me when I started this local news page about the city. I have to admit that it is one of the first things on my mind as soon as I hit a new location.

When you look, you might be surprised. In the larger areas you will find a store of Forbidden Planet, usually within driving distance. Job done, you might think. Well yes, Forbidden Planet (the nearest one to Chester is in Liverpool) offers a fully functional comic bookstore.

However, unless they are run well, with passion, with pride and with the intensity of knowledge of the vast world that features within comic books, they end up being nothing more than a version of WHSmiths or Waterstones; that happens to only store comic book related stock.

So what I was looking for was a true Chester comic book professional. What I found was an online comic book store called ‘Silver Acre Comics’. You too can find them at

Why on earth would I mention an online comic book store on the Directory of Chester? Ah, well I’ve got that one covered. Their postal address is PO Box in Chester, so technically they are a Chester Business!

I like the site. It is easy to find your way around and simple to buy. It looks good and feels good too.

Nevertheless, it is not the style of Chester comic book store I was looking for. I still believe that the small independent comic book store offers the best browsing experience.


The Chester Comic Company. What else would it be called?! A true gem, slap bang in the middle of Chester. Genius.

You can find them at:
Chester Comic Co.
73 Brook St
01244 344050

It is exactly as a comic book store should be. Small in size; but do not be deceived. The Chester Comic Company stocks all the regular comics by Marvel, Dark Horse, DC and all the others.

They don’t just stop at comics. With plenty of American imports at the Chester Comic Company you will be transfixed as you feast your eyes on their collection of comic hero figures, t-shirts and any other delectable bits and pieces that you simply must have to add to your own compilation of fan-boy toys.

Watch this space for any news on the movement of the soon to be Chester Comic Company website.

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